Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Darwin Horan – a Leader in The Land Development And Properties Industry

Darwin Horan is a renowned name in the home entitlements, land development and properties industry. He has been in this business spanning more than 30 years. Darwin Horan is the owner of Ventana Capital, a home property industry that has built and designed more than 15,000 homes. As the CEO, he has really taken the company to greater heights since its establishment.Darwin Horan has overseen the design and construction of more than 15,000 homes and the development of over 20,000 lots, as well as entitlements of over 34,000 properties. He is indeed the practical definition of success in the home and property industry.He has headed the construction and development of several financial industry properties, including a variety of water storage entities, telecom site brokerage, and lots more.Darwin Horan is not only a businessman, but is equally a philanthropist and someone who loves travelling a lot. He has engaged is several philanthropic activities in his community in groups such as Battered Women’s Shelter, Special Olympics, and a host of other humanitarian service groups. This business veteran also engages in other humanitarian activities such as contributions in Rocky Mountain Service, an organization that promotes early education and workforce training in the Denver area.He is also a sports lover with his interest in several sporting activities including Jiu jitsu, fly fishing and running. Darwin Horan has equally coached track and high school football teams in the Denver area. He also loves watching some professional sports teams such as Bronkos and Nugget in Denver.As the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Ventana Capital, Darwin Horan has gained more than 20 years industry experience in the property management industry. He has taken the company to an enviable height since he established the company.Under his direction, Venture Capital Inc has acquired one of the largest real estate portfolios in Denver. Its office buildings and residential properties cover several thousand square feet.The company has undertaken other high standard projects under the direction of Mr. Horan. It has undertaken projects in areas such as water storage development, oil and gas and telecommunication. Before his rise to the CEO of Ventana Capitals INC, Horan had served as the president of the Writer Homes (North Division) and D.R. Horten Inc  (Denver Division). His philanthropic lifestyle is also something that marvels a lot of people.Darwin Horan is very religious, as shown in his fellowship award of the Christian Athletics Lifetime Achievement. He has held several post in his community as head of civic groups like Webb Oversight Committee, Castle Pine Park Authority, Castle Pines North and Coaches of Excellence.Mr. Darwin Horan is indeed the one whom so many aspiring businessmen are looking up to. Interestingly, he is always willing to coach anyone who wants to follow his footsteps and succeed just like him. Unlike many of his peers who tend to hoard their knowledge, he is always willing to educate those who are aspiring to be leaders in the construction and property management industry.