Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Darwin Horan is the founder of company named as ventana capital

Darwin Horan is the founder of company named as ventana capital. Ventana capital is an investment, land acquisition and development company in Colorado. Ventana capital management by Darwin horan is a highly successful and has been chasing to prosperity for more than 20 years. In the 20 years of hardwork, ventana capital by Darwin horan has achieved a milestone of development of more than 20000 lots and 15000 attached as well as detached single family homes. Among a very few successful businessmen in colorado, Denver, the name of Darwin horan is at the top.

 Darwin horan started his career as head of Denver division and North division of writers homes. He stuck to that career for long and then in 1995 he developed his own company. The credit goes to his hard work and expertise that now Darwin horan is a landlord of more than 12000 acres land in Colorado with 180000 square feet of office space. Ventana capital exists as a real state business company and is involved in the development of approximately 17 sub divisions. Darwin horan who is leading these successes of the company is an expert in property management, construction, development of water storage and many others.

Ventana capital management aims to serve on metro district boards. Darwin horan as a person outside his career and successes is a kind hearted one. Ventana capital partners support many charity programs and provide donations on very large scale.They believe that their success is due to this community so they try to pay it back to their community.